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Integrated with the E-hälsomyndigheten

For freedom of movement

Coronafree™ opens up the opportunity for travel and freedom of movement, by enabling care providers to issue trustworthy digital Covid-19 certificates to healthy individuals.


Enabling a safe re-opening for businesses,
traveling, and events through Coronafree™ zones

As a healthy individual, you should engage as usual in society, you should be able to work, travel, and participate in events, allowing the economic wheels to spin again. Through proactive testing and digital health certificates, we can limit the negative impact of Covid-19, have greater freedom of movement, while simultaneously creating safe Coronafree™ environments.


Some of our partners

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Coronafree Clinic

Automated certificate handeling

Coronafree Clinic eliminates the need for manual certificate work for doctors by automating the entire certificate issuing process. Streamlined communication with labs via a GDPR-secured and standardized integration. Test results are presented in an intuitive User interface, leaving more time for testing, and less time spent with administration tasks.

Pre-made certificate templates

Built on FHIR® 

Integrated with the E-health authority

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The Coronafree app

Ease of use with
digital certificates

Test results are processed into a verifiable digital certificate, easily available in our patient app on both iPhone and Android.


The certificates and all their relevant details are presented in a standardized format, ensuring continuity, and are protected from falsification with the help of QR codes.


Published July 29, 2021

Coronafree for digital health certificate management is now integrated with E-hälsomyndigheten. Connected healthcare providers can now issue the EU's "Digital COVID Certificates" to their patients traveling.

Published April 6, 2020, Hack the crisis

Coronafree winner of

Coronafree becomes one of the winners of the competition "Hack the crisis" organized by DIGG, Hack for Sweden, OpenHack, and the Swedish government.

Published Dec 8, 2020, Youtube

Coronafree Webinar - Corona free zones

During this webinar, in partnership, Giddir, Eurofins, and IBM will be presenting Coronafree™, a solution helping your organization to create Corona free zones. Safely re-open your business, create a safe environment, regain customers, and thus ensure your revenue.

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