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Coronafree is an initiative that opens up the opportunity for travel and freedom of movement, by enabling the issue of different types of temporary digital certificates to individuals who are healthy and not an infectious risk based on CE- approved tests.

Winner of ”Hack the Crisis”

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Our story

The mission of coronafree is to introduce a global standard where tests are carried out in a common and transparent procedure. Our vision is to improve quality and avoid any errors by ensuring that the certificates issued via the platform follow these common standards. The project won the Government organized initiative "Hack the Crisis", which was decided 4-6 April 2020, and behind the concept are entrepreneurs, companies, and clinicians with long experience in the e-health space.


The Coronafree process

1: Testing

Patients are directed to an approved designated care unit to leave a tissue sample for analysis.



2: Lab analysis

The sample tissue is sent for analysis at an approved diagnostic lab.



3: Result registration 

Lab results are sent and registered in the Coronafree platform via secure and directly integrated APIs.



4: Clinical validation

Test results are structured and visualized in an easy-to-use interface for clinicians and medical staff for clinical validation.



5: Digital certificates

When a patient has clinically been assessed to be healthy, the treating doctor can issue and register different types of unique and traceable digital certificates.



6: Patient application 

The final certificate can then be displayed by the end-user in an easily accessible mobile application.


We have great opportunities to issue excellent immunity certificates today.

Prof. Gunnar Klein,

Leg. läkare och professor 

at Örebro universitet

The assessment is that immunity lasts for so long that you will not be infected multiple times in the same season.

The Public Health Agency


Portability with

digital certificates

With the Coronafree app, we enable citizens and officials to easily verify themselves as healthy and not an infectious risk to people in their vicinity, by showing a verifiable digital certificate based on tests that are in line with the required quality standards.


Easily integrated

issuance system

Our dashboard provides clinicians and healthcare staff with an information-secure digital tool that makes it easy to manage and record test results from patients, as well as issue different types of digital Covid-19 certificates to individuals who are clinically deemed to be healthy. Coronafree utilizes easy-to-use and standardized APIs making integrations easy for a fully automated flow.


Published April 8, 2020, SVT

An app on your cell phone to prove that you are immune to Covid-19. It is one of the winning contributions in the state initiative "Hack the Crisis", which set a new record in the number of participants.

Published April 6, 2020, Hack the crisis

Coronafree winner of


Coronafree becomes one of the winners of the competition "Hack the crisis" organized by DIGG, Hack for Sweden, OpenHack, and the Swedish government.

Published April 3, 2020, Today's Medicine

Invest massively on antibody testing with simple products for local use, suggests Gunnar O Klein, physician and professor at Örebro University.

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