About us


Our Management

Ulf Löfström

Chairman & Chief Operating Officer


Ulf is an experienced SAM (Software Asset Manager) & Compliance Manager and has contributed to cost-efficiency and restructuring of IT environments on a consultancy basis and thus lowered licensing costs, from a couple to up towards SEK 30 million for the largest Swedish companies. Ulf was thereafter recruited to perform similar work to ensure that the supplier's rights of use were used in a contractual manner, for Adobe Nordic's Enterprise segment. In 2016, Ulf was rewarded by Adobe's sales manager at the European level with the award "Get it Done, Do it Right", which subsequently became the consulting company Giddir AB.

Anders Jonson

Board member & Senior Cyber Security Advisor


Anders is an experienced company builder with long experience in the software industry and is currently an international expert in cybersecurity as well as a Swedish representative and drafting member of CSP Cert. CSP Cert was established in 2017 by the European Commission's Cyber Security Act working group with the task of developing a proposal for a certification framework for cloud providers in the EU. Some of the companies Anders founded / co-founded are Nocom AB (publ), BEA Systems Nordic AB, Mobile Relations AB, Reforce International AB, SecureAppbox AB.

Jonathan Söderström

Chief Product Officer


Jonathan is an entrepreneur and experienced UX & UI developer with expertise in technology and user-centric product development with a focus on software. Since 2015, he has worked to help businesses optimize, digitize, develop, and create more attractive products. Since the start of 2019, Jonathan has been running the software company Giddir AB where he is currently CEO and head of UX & UI development. The company develops AI & ML technologies for clinical decision support and multivariable clinical data analyzes.

Johan Lopes Helgesson

Advisory board

Johan is an entrepreneur and holds a master's degree in computer and systems science with a focus on interactive multimedia and human-computer interaction from London. An entrepreneurial soul who has worked on several award-winning solutions in advertising, media, and communication in both the UK and Sweden. He has more than 20 years of experience in technical architecture and digital solutions. He has worked since 2011 as a creative leader and solution architect at Adobe in the Nordic region, where he helps large Nordic companies and authorities in their transitions to cloud services, security, digital, electronic signature solutions, and productivity).